Mind Mechanics – A Toolbox for your Brainbox

The Mind Mechanics programme equips children and young people to deal better with difficult circumstances in their lives. It facilitates better understanding and self-regulation of emotions to reduce mental health problems and better manage existing poor mental health. Mind Mechanics improves life chances for participants and reduces escalation of need and demand on specialist providers.

The project is an integrated and inclusive approach to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people aged 4 - 25 years, through six 1 - 2 hour engaging and innovative workshops, shadowed by your staff enabling them to roll out to future cohorts at no additional cost. Mind Mechanics encompasses the best, evidence-based interventions and strategies in the field of emotional wellbeing; it helps young people understand what mental health is and how to help oneself. The workshops give pupils a toolbox of strategies, including mindfulness, growing resilience, compassionate self-talk, support networks, CBT, relaxation techniques and more. Mind Mechanics also focuses on strengthening relationships and building capacity within schools.

Mind Mechanics at Work is an exciting new programme designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of teaching staff, based on their successful mental health workforce training programme currently being delivered in the financial and commercial sectors.

Stand number: 287