Overlooked, ignored and invisible: the growing population of girls excluded from school

12:30 - 13:30

Schools do not generally exclude lightly. Many schools go to greater lengths to support the most complex of children and young people to avoid exclusion. However, the increase in school exclusion for girls is a worrying trend which is largely overlooked by policy makers and system leaders. Girls who may challenge our regular systems and practices need more, not less guidance from supportive and compassionate adults, and their families need support too. Examining exclusion experiences of autistic girls and families can help us as educators to explain the symptomatic disenfranchisement they often experience. What is obvious from the experiences of the girls and families with autism, is there is a growing trend among some schools to promote seclusion and practice illegal exclusion. How do we address this? What does effective support look like for autistic girls? How do we keep girls and their families at the heart of what we do in schools?

KS1 - KS4, Levels 1-3

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Jane Friswell, SEND consultant & advocate, JFA SEND Consultancy