Ensuring fair access to an ambitious curriculum: building cultural capital and metacognition

09 October 2020 11:00 - 12:00

Ofsted say that every pupil should have equal access to an ambitious curriculum and that we should not dumb down for pupils with SEND. But not all pupils are equal – they each have different starting points, backgrounds, abilities and capabilities. So how can we help disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND to access an ambitious curriculum and achieve their potential? How can we ensure that we tackle social justice issues and avoid doubling the disadvantage?  This session will explore ways of building the knowledge and cultural capital some pupils need in order to achieve in school and thrive in life. The session will also explore ways of developing pupils’ metacognition and self-regulation skills so that they become increasingly independent as learners. 

All Key Stages
Level 1-2

Early bird rate: £16 (+VAT) until Friday 30th October 2020 / Full rate: £19 (+VAT)

Matt Bromley, Education advisor, Bromley Education