Edward Timpson CBE publishes landmark exclusions review – learn more in Tes SEN North seminars

Edward Timpson was commissioned to review school exclusion in March 2018 by the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP. On 7 May 2019, the Timpson Review was published, outlining 30 recommendations to ensure exclusions are used appropriately and that the Government commits to new school accountability.

‘Inclusion, not exclusion’ is the key focus of the educational content at Tes SEN North 2019, with each session carefully constructed to help you reduce exclusion and boost inclusive practice across your setting. Find out more about how different parts of Tes SEN North 2019 will help your provision become more inclusive, in line with findings from the Timpson Review, below.

The Keynote Panel Debate

In the opening Keynote Panel Debate, speakers include key policy shapers on education including Andre Imich from the DfE and Judy Shaw, president-elect of NAHT. NAHT answered the Timpson Review’s call for evidence, submitting claims that ‘the curriculum is increasingly inaccessible for pupils with any level of SEND’, referring to DfE statistics showing that ‘pupils with identified Special Educational Needs (SEN) account for almost half of all permanent and fixed term exclusions: pupils with SEN are nearly seven times more likely to be permanently excluded; and pupils with an Education and Health Care plan (or Statement) are around six times more likely to be excluded for a fixed term period’.

Join this free-to-attend session at Tes SEN North by registering your interest during the registration process for the show and have your questions answered directly by these key figures who helped shape this landmark review on exclusions. [1]

The CPD certified seminar programme

Additionally, the CPD certified programme of seminars also provides expert guidance on how to action many of the recommendations suggested in the Timpson Review.

The Review places more accountability on schools for the pupils they exclude, and Government measures taken in response to the Review will clamp down on off-rolling. In order to ensure that your school is following recommended inclusive practice, join Natalie Packer in her session ‘A whole school approach: the role of middle and senior leaders in developing an inclusive school’. This session will discuss how to develop a whole school approach to inclusion, securing good outcomes for pupils for SEND. The new Ofsted framework will also contribute to a clampdown on off-rolling; hear more about this across sessions including Lorraine Petersen’s ‘The leadership of SEND in an everchanging educational landscape’ and Emilie Kate-Kidd’s ‘How will the SEND assessment climate affect your next inspection?’

According to the Review, good behaviour cultures are vital in maintaining orderly environments that support all children, but teachers need consistent guidance and tools to deal effectively with poor and disruptive behaviour. Ensure you are equipped with the relevant tools by attending seminars at Tes SEN North such as Dr Amelia Roberts’ session ‘Inclusion not exclusion’, which will explore topics including pupil anxiety, attachment difficulties and types of behaviours that schools find difficult to manage. Amelia will also share strategies and approaches to schools move towards becoming a zero-exclusion school. Philippa Stobbs from the Council for Disabled Children will also discuss this in her session ‘Behaviour, exclusion and the Equality Act: what case law means for schools’ duties’, which will focus on how disability discrimination duties relate to behaviour policies, exclusions and managing challenging behaviour. Register free now and add these sessions to your booking.

Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP said: “Every child deserves an education that fosters ambition and provides the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of their potential. That must include children at risk of exclusion or those that have been expelled.” [2]

It is vital that teachers provide the skills needed to succeed for each child, so seminars at Tes SEN North will help you learn how to support students individually. Join Wendy Lee to learn about ‘Inclusion of children with communication and interaction needs’ to learn how to identify children with these additional needs and also how to ensure they are included in not only the classroom, but also the wider school community. Furthermore, Jane Friswell will directly discuss the outcomes of the Timpson Review, what the recommendations mean in practice and how they can work in schools in her session ‘Keep me in: exploring effective ways of preventing school exclusion for our vulnerable students and providing supportive inclusive offers as alternatives’. Jane will cover how to provide inclusive support for students who are at high risk of exclusion, and the implications of this on the curriculum offer they may need to access.

With the recent publication of the Timpson Review set to further inclusive policy, now is the time to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the recent advice and recommendations to help bring inclusive practice into your settings and your teaching. There is no better place to do this than through the 32 CPD certified seminars on offer at Tes SEN North, many of which deal with this key theme of exclusion.

Spaces are limited on these seminars, so make sure you register free for the show and add seminars to your booking now.



Read the full Timpson Review here.

[1]  https://www.naht.org.uk/_resources/assets/attachment/full/0/81914.pdf 
[2]  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/edward-timpson-publishes-landmark-exclusions-review