Developing psychological mindedness across the school to create an inclusive culture

10:00 - 11:00

In order to support students with SEN and/or social emotional mental health needs it is important for educational staff to be able to adopt a reflective mindset that is underpinned by the ability to formulate the students’ difficulties from different psychological perspectives. This session is aimed at looking beyond the ‘behaviours’ students present with, seeing behaviours as a form of communication and exploring the underlying factors that could be contributing to the students’ distress.

All key stages, Levels 1-3

Full rate: £19 (+VAT) / early bird rate £16 (+VAT) for bookings made by 29th March

Dr Asha Patel, CEO and clinical psychologist, Innovating Minds CIC

Laurie Cornwell, Executive Headteacher , Orchard Hill Academy