SEN North TeachMeet

Friday 10 May, 5pm-6:30pm

What is SEN North TeachMeet? 

For a start, it’s a gathering of people just like you, from schools just like yours, with a shared interest in teaching children with special educational needs and disabilities.

We want to encourage education professionals to share ideas and thoughts for developing support for children and young people with SEN. Presenters will have an allocated time slot to share a good idea or two that they feel can make a positive difference to vulnerable children and young people.

That's what it’s all about: sharing ideas. How we find ways to help learning happen, and how technology helps.

What should I expect? 

This year’s SEN North TeachMeet will feature a keynote from the inspirational Martin Bailey, Digital Enrichment Leader at Lanchester EP Primary School (Co.Durham), on bringing the curriculum to life for pupils of all ages and abilities.

In addition to this, SEN North TeachMeet offers the opportunity for practitioners to step out of the classroom and (briefly) into the limelight to deliver one of the following presentations:

  • Nano presentation  -  3 minutes (for the shy) or,
  • Micro presentation -  7 minutes (for those with a lot to say)

Alternatively, just chat with the people around you! It’s an opportunity to meet other people facing the same challenges as you do. Find out about their different devices and approaches, and their tips and tricks.

The only rule is, ‘No selling.’ We’re happy to hear about how different products have changed practice. But it is the practice we want to hear about.

How do I present? 

If you wish to present, please register for the show and TeachMeet and email with your details and the type of presentation you'd be interested in. 

SEN North TeachMeet is completely free to attend, but you must register your interest as part of the show's registration process.