DocLexi™ - Learn Reading with Fun!

All new comprehensive app to improve children’s reading and spelling skills, based on proven therapeutic concepts. Showcased on stand 221.

DocLexi™ has been developed with the objective of helping children learn how to read, spell, and write with fun. It focuses on helping struggling readers and those with early signs of dyslexia. DocLexi™ has been built based on proven therapeutic concepts and delivers a comprehensive software to improve children’s spelling, reading, and writing skills. It was developed by dyslexia specialists based on their extensive experience and continuously tested with children during development. Current games exercises are aimed at 5 to 7 year olds (up to grade 2 reading/writing skills) but will expand to higher levels over time. There is a consumer version available for children and their parents, as well as a professional version for specialists, therapists, and teachers. The professional version provides for a seamless integration with a therapist by allowing them to customize the app to meet the child's needs and track progress by logging into the administration tool in their browser.

The program utilizes a multi-sensory approach by incorporating the following skills: visual scanning and tracking, visual spatial, recall, sequencing, phonological processing, and phonics (encoding and decoding).

DocLexi™ covers a broad array of skills to help children learn reading and writing:

  • Sequencing tasks (letters and numbers)
  • Identifying letters and numbers
  • Syllables (number of syllables in a word)
  • Blending - find words (by sounds or picture)
  • Building words (unscrambling words using phonics patterns)
  • Reading order (tracking left to right, top to bottom)

The exercises are embedded into the exciting DocLexi™ story. The children help the heroes achieve a happy ending by solving the individual learning tasks. The DocLexi™ team developed a machine that helped children learn to read, spell, & write. The Outer Space Mixer Monsters stole the machine, broke it apart and hid the pieces all over the world. The DocLexi™ Team is traveling and completing tasks to find the parts to the machine. On all their missions, the children are accompanied by DocLexi™ and his friends. In each game, the children can earn coins to customize their own avatar friend, give him a name, and change his looks and outfits. It's seriously fun!

DocLexi™ is available in English and German.

DocLexi™ is available for the Apple® iPhone®/iPad® at the Apple® App Store℠. The version for Android™ Smartphones and Tablet PCs is available at the Google Play Store™. The consumer version is priced at USD 8.99 / GBP 8.49 for one month and USD 98,99 / GBP 91,99 for one year. The Professional Version varies in pricing depending on the number of professional user licenses included, e.g. with 10 premium user licenses it is at ca. €750 net (€890 gross) per year.

Lori Johnston (M.A., CCC-SLP, Licensed Speech Language Pathologist), who developed the concept for DocLexi™, says: ”My 25+ years of experience in working with children who have reading and writing difficulties has enabled me to help create an app called DocLexi™. It has always been my dream to provide children with a tool that makes it easier and more fun for them to overcome their learning difficulties. DocLexi™ is the result of that dream and I am excited to see it come to life."

For a sneak preview check out this video and visit for more information.

DocLexi™ / BBG Entertainment GmbH will be exhibiting at the Tes SEN Show on stand 221. Register now to join them at the show.