Engaging Eyes improves reading by an average of 12 months in 1 term

The latest trials by Dyslexia Gold show playing Engaging Eyes improves reading, on average, by 12 months in 1 term.

To understand how the children were able to make such remarkable progress, we need to understand why they were struggling to read. To read fluently we need to focus both eyes on the same point, and then track across the page.

98% of struggling readers' eyes don't do this. Their eyes focus on different letters, so their brain has to work very hard to decipher what they see.  They can't track their eyes smoothly across the page. They skip letters, words and lines. Their eyes scan backwards as much as forwards, which is why they reverse b's and d's, and lose their place.

This vision problem isn't tested at a regular eye test and often goes unnoticed. Yet it is easily fixed, by regularly playing vision training games that exercise the eye muscles.

And that's exactly what Engaging Eyes does.   Vision training games are played for 10 minutes a day and the results are remarkable.

The results showed that, on average, reading age improved by 4.1 months for every month it was played. On average children's reading speed also improved by 22 words per minute, a 23% improvement.

All children have made accelerated progress - some now have a reading age higher than their chronological age.
- Eileen Maceachem, SENCo, Mile Cross Primary School

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Dyslexia Gold has 3 programs designed to help struggling readers and children with dyslexia learn to read and spell.  Each program takes just 10 minutes a day.  For further information, please visit www.dyslexiagold.co.uk or call us on 01895 546 254.