Fox Puzzles of London and Edcraft of India bring you FoxEd

In 2017, Fox Puzzles of London first exhibited at the Tes SEN Show, London. There, they met Rajika Dhiren, the owner of Edcraft of India and two years later - and with a lot of determination and dedication - they bring you FoxEd and “The Smarter Way - Empowerment Classpack”. Fox Ed welcomes you to visit them on stand 114 and view their amazing wooden puzzles and “The Smarter Way - Empowerment Classpack” products.

The Smarter Way - Empowerment Classpacks products will:  
  • Empower teachers to teach smarter
  • Empower parents to support smarter
  • Empower children to learn and play smarter

The Fox Ed story:

In 2017, Rajika Dhiren attended the Tes SEN Show with a yearning to expand and improve her business, Edcraft of India. It was here that, in a moment of serendipity, she met Ms. Melanie Ann Juliette and Mr. Keith Ridgeway of Fox Puzzles of London. Rajika remarked: “We could never make these amazing puzzles in India."  Keith replied: “Yes you can, but it will take a lot of time, dedication and training to understand our quality management production process principles." 

Two years later - and with a lot of determination and dedication - they bring you FoxEd and “The Smarter Way - Empowerment Classpack”. This new joint venture focused on manufacturing learning and therapeutic materials for children and for treating adults with the onset of dementia. The wooden puzzles can be universally enjoyed by children, adults and families, providing hours of entertainment and a fair share of learning and therapy.

FoxEd's products are well thought-out and designed creatively in form and function and produced with quality craftsmanship. They are manufactured using high-quality ply certified by FSC and sprayed with eco-friendly colours. Every product undergoes quality inspection to ensure strict safety and quality standards. These sustainable products are EN71 and ISO 8124 compliant, and are world-class in quality and finish. Their products are EN71 and ISO8124 compliant and also use bio-degradable packaging.


FoxEd puzzle examples: 


London Transport

Enjoy the iconic transport vehicles that make London's streets so distinctive. This is a 5 layered, 5 piece puzzle made up of extra cutting lines to confuse the puzzler. Fine engraving makes this little treasure of London's transport a very fine souvenir of this great capital city. 

Telling Time 

This specially designed wooden clock has movable hands. It comes with three wooden handle rubber stamps with a clock face of hours, minutes and seconds and a reusable worksheet to practice the concept of time. Use them separately and together until the child is thorough in time concepts. 


Elephants are endangered animals and being hunted as trophies and for ivory. This endangered animal puzzle will help to improve children's spatial ability as they enjoy a picture of a mother elephant and her baby playing together. 

Who are Fox Puzzles of London?
We develop, design and manufacture high-quality learning materials. Our products are colourful unique and help in cognitive development of the child and have therapeutic benefits. Our materials are suitable for children and adults in the mainstream and especially for those with learning difficulties and for treating adults with the onset of dementia.

Who are Edcraft?
Designing and making teaching and learning materials since 1994.  Edcraft customers include National Institutes, (NIEPID, NIEPMD), SSAs (DDRCs, DRCs, special schools run by NGOs as well as a vast number of private schools all over India).

Edcraft was officially recognized to the nation by the Hon President, Shri A P J Kalam of India for the dedication of our assistive material for the mentally challenged.

Keith Ridgeway, managing director of Fox Puzzles, and Melanie Ann Juliette, artistic director and co-owner, went out to Hyderabad to help set up the puzzle product process and train Rajika and her team. Keith training and supporting Vikas on an NVQ level 1 quality inspection product process.

Register now to visit FoxEd on stand 114 and find out more about their joint venture and the “The Smarter Way - Empowerment Classpack”.