Integrating children with reading difficulties using C-Pens

Scanning Pens Ltd is the global distributor for the C-Pen. The ReaderPen and ExamReader by C-Pen are the perfect solutions for reading difficulties in the classroom and outside of it. The pens enhance the learning experience for many children who struggle to get the most out of their education because of the barriers they face from their disability.

The ReaderPen

The ReaderPen allows students to read on their own.

Key features include:

  • Scan to hear words spoken aloud
  • Includes UK & US English, French and Spanish accents
  • Instant word lookup in Collins Dictionary
  • Scan and save to file/copy files to computer
  • Scan text directly to PC/Mac/Linux
  • Chrome book
  • Record/listen to audio

The ReaderPen is a stand-alone digital pen with four main features: text reading using a high-quality natural speaking voice, a Collins English Dictionary, multiple language translations and capturing text remotely to file or directly to a cursor point on any computer.

Simply select your application, scan, and enjoy the benefits!

“The C-Pen Reader has made a dramatic difference to the student’s life both emotionally and academically. Evidence from recent progress checks has shown a marked increase in her National Curriculum (NC) levels and she is currently working above target in English, Maths and Science. As a consequence, both her confidence and self-esteem have greatly improved. The student does use the pen at home and the parents are fully supportive. They have been extremely impressed and encouraged by her independence” - Gay Shillaker, West Hatch Secondary


The ExamReader

The ExamReader allows students to read exam questions themselves. It is specifically designed for use in exam halls, saving schools additional expense.

The C-Pen ExamReader™ has been approved for use in exams by many leading exam boards, including SEC and JCQ. The ExamReader™ allows students with reading difficulties to scan the exam questions themselves so that they can hear the text being read aloud. The sound is heard via headphones, allowing them to be situated in the main exam hall.

Key Features

  • Allows students to read the exam questions themselves
  • Scan to hear words spoken aloud
  • Listen via headphones so other students are not disturbed
  • Reduces exam costs
  • Multiple lines can be read back together
  • JCQ Access Arrangements for this pen are centre delegated, so no need to apply online
  • Read delay of up to 3 seconds
  • Talking menu

“The C-Pen ExamReader has been much more useful to a wider range of students, including those who would not otherwise qualify for a reader, but who can really struggle with decoding technical words at speed, especially at GCSE and A level. The C-Pen ExamReader has improved the confidence of those who use it. They also feel less ‘different’ by being able to sit with everyone else at a normal desk in the exam hall.” - Sue Sevier, SENDCo, Lingfield College