iSandBOX using augmented reality to help children with Special Educational Needs

26 September 2019

Tech company, iSandBOX, is using augmented reality to help children with Special Educational Needs.  The company, which was established in 2016, has seen a growing interest from the Special Educational Needs (SEN) community for its interactive sand box, iSandBOX.  A number of early tests with SEN children have shown stark results and highlighting an immediate positive response to the technology and a desire by the company to explore more.

How does it work?
iSandBOX is a unique product that has been developed using augmented reality, a traditional sand box, interactive software, a projector and a sensor.  These aspects work together to create 3D textures and objects that illuminate on the sand using bright colours and light to ‘bring it to life’. 

Children can explore 25 different experiences from volcanoes and dragons to butterflies, ocean & marine life and safari.  The company is committed to developing further modes, specifically designed for children with SEN.

iSandBOX has already been popular with education groups and schools and can be found in many visitor centres across the country. The company has received great reviews after supplying Gympanzees and The Caledecot Foundation with iSandBOX units and is keen to learn more at the Tes SEN Show about the additional benefits iSandBOX can bring to children with special educational needs.

How can iSandBOX can benefit children with SEN?
iSandBOX ties in nicely with the national curriculum via expressive arts, health & wellbeing, languages, mathematics, science & technology.  Areas of development include:

Cognitive Skills
iSandBOX helps with control over cognitive processes.

Kinesthetic Sensibility
Strengthens muscles and coordination of muscle activity and body movement.

Manual Dexterity Development
iSandBOX develops hand movement using sand to perform tasks through its educational games.

Speech Development
Develop speech over storytelling.

Stimulates Imagination
iSandBOX stimulates the imagination using creative programs with lots of themes.

Emotional development
The unit can help control emotions by calming down impulsive and active children and, conversely, liberate shy, constrained and anxious children.

Live Demonstrations
The iSandBOX team will be running live demonstrations throughout the Tes SEN Show - stand 151, running from 4-5 October 2019 in London.  Guests are welcome to come along and see the unit in action and learn more about how iSandBOX can help children with SEN.

Find out more about iSandBOX here on its You Tube channel iSandBOX UK or visit