KAZ Type’s SEND touch typing software implemented in schools around the world

23 September 2019

KAZ Type’s award winning SEN/Dyslexia touch typing software is now being used in schools around the world. Its unique and specialised program, developed with advice and guidance from the British Dyslexia Research Trust helps address visual disturbances, difficulties with processing, spelling, slow working memory, slow work rate and difficulties with speech.

  • Visual disturbances whilst looking at text is one of the main factors that deters students from engaging. Relieve those disturbances and they are able to learn.
  • The KAZ course opens with a unique dyslexia preference screen which minimises visual disturbances. It tailor makes the course for maximum visibility comfort and creates a calm environment suitable for study.
The subconscious skill of touch typing frees the conscious mind to concentrate on thinking, planning, composing, proof reading and editing.

'Touch-typing has been found to help children improve reading, writing and spellings. It can be of particular benefit for children with dyslexia who find typing easier than handwriting.' The Good Schools Guide

KAZ’s SEN/Dyslexia edition is suitable for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD and tourettes syndrome, among others.

For further information:     
Email: sheraleen@kaz-type.com

Come and find us at stand 142 at the Tes SEN Show, 4th – 5th October 2019.