New study by Dyslexia Gold finds 98% of struggling readers have vision problems

18 June 2018

The latest study found that 98% of struggling readers have poor eye convergence. This means they can’t focus both eyes on the same letter and don’t ‘track’ across the page.

When we read, our eyes track across the page, from word to word.  When struggling readers read, their eyes jump around the page, with both eyes looking at different letters.  This makes reading almost impossible and causes eye strain/headaches.

Dyslexia Gold’s latest research tested eye convergence in pupils who are behind in reading.  The results clearly show that this problem is widespread amongst struggling readers.  98% of them could not converge their eyes.

The great news is that this is that eyes can be trained to converge using daily exercises. Dyslexia Gold has created an online program specifically designed for this called Engaging Eyes. Pupils play, independently, for 10 minutes a day for a few months. 

The results are impressive.

“Reading age improved by an average of 13 months after playing Engaging Eyes for one term and reading speed improved by 45%” SENCo, Pixmore Junior School

“Reading improved significantly after playing Engaging Eyes.  Even better, our weakest pupils made the most progress” SENCo, St Ninian’s Primary School.

To find out how your pupils can make the jump from struggling reader to fluent reader, visit our stand at the Tes SEN Show.  You’ll be able to play Engaging Eyes and discover how fun it is to play.

Dyslexia Gold has 3 programs designed to help struggling readers and children with dyslexia learn to read and spell.  Each program takes just 10 minutes a day.  For further information, please visit or call Claire on 07887 533845.