QbCheck: New ADHD test for schools

ADHD and pupils with the condition are still subject to controversy when, in fact, it is a pressing issue in most classrooms in the UK. Too many children with ADHD remain unidentified and are not making the progress they should be. There are, however, strategies that can positively influence the identification and development of children with ADHD.

Since its launch, numerous schools across the UK have adopted QbCheck, an online test that simplifies decision-making regarding the presence or absence of ADHD. By using a laptop, the test measures a pupil’s attention and impulsivity and includes facial recognition to capture his or her hyperactivity, providing an instant and objective result about the likelihood of ADHD. The QbCheck result objectively identifies a pupil’s special needs and helps to match interventions to individual needs: www.qbcheck.com.

Schools have welcomed this new technology as it helps them to identify and disentangle pupils’ specific needs at the earliest point and ensuring that early action is taken to meet those needs, complying with the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice. QbCheck additionally provides teachers, SENCOs and parents with objective information about the likelihood of ADHD, fostering the dialogue about and parental participation in the decision making for the pupil.

QbCheck does not require special hardware but is, together with an e-learning platform, accessible online and easy to use, reducing workload and promoting timely decision making.

For more information please visit www.qbcheck.com or contact Charlotte Cooper at charlotte.cooper@qbtech.com or +44 789 96 96 547.

Qbtech will be exhibiting together with the ADHD Foundation at the Tes SEN Show (5-6 Oct, London) and invite you to see QbCheck in action at stand 193.