Reduce the time teachers spend on marking, monitoring and other admin tasks with CENTURY

CENTURY is the first learning platform that learns how you learn. They combine cognitive neuroscience with artificially intelligent insights to improve learning outcomes whilst reducing teachers’ administrative burden. Read on to find out how their technology can free up teacher time to help them focus on their provision.

Students access learning material and short, formative assessments on CENTURY and as they learn, every interaction is tracked. From the comprehensive picture of how an individual learns, CENTURY generates a unique learning pathway for each student, matched to their learning needs. Not only does CENTURY recommend what a student should study, based on any gaps in knowledge they have, weaknesses and strengths, but CENTURY also provides differentiated learning resources tailored to a student’s focus and difficulty levels as well as their pace of learning and modality preferences, among many other factors.

Unlike other education technology tools which often increase hassle for the educator, CENTURY is designed to reduce teacher workload: by automating routine administrative tasks, such as marking, monitoring progress and generating data reports, CENTURY relieves the administrative burden on educators. This time that is saved (up to 6 hours per week) can instead be spent on improving the quality of instruction.

CENTURY and SEN learners

CENTURY has been used by SEN learners from the very beginning and as a result, we have a diverse population who have benefitted from the platform. We have positive indications that the platform can have a significant impact on students with special educational and behavioural needs and we are committed to being accessible to as many students as possible.

The platform has been designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, whilst providing a range of content and media types to suit different learning needs and levels.  We have had success with students with complex learning needs, with one of our Alternative Provision Headteachers reporting that CENTURY is the most effective way for his students with emotional and communication issues to learn. CENTURY is also a valuable tool for learners who end up spending time outside the classroom, whether this is temporarily for the duration of a lesson, or is a more prolonged period of absence. The head of SEN at one of our mainstream schools found that the self-paced, visual learning offered by CENTURY is particularly beneficial for SEN students who are out of lessons. Since having access to the platform, the students have engaged more fully with their education and the teacher has benefited significantly from the data generated by the platform.

This qualitative data is supported by the recent quantitative analysis of data from students that used CENTURY during part of, or all of, the previous academic year (2016/17). Our research looked into how students learn on CENTURY and plotted this against their levels of understanding. Not only did we find that students improved by 20-40% when returning to topics at the optimum time for them, we also found that despite huge differences in learning behaviours between children with different educational needs, understanding levels were virtually identical.

In addition, there is early, exploratory data to suggest that CENTURY is able to identify key behaviours associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Whilst these findings are yet to be validated, CENTURY has the potential to be an incredibly powerful educational tool for both non-SEN and SEN status learners.

CENTURY strongly believes that a teacher’s role in the classroom is irreplaceable. By reducing the time spent on admin, CENTURY increases the time teachers can spend teaching and acting on the data and insight provided. Students thus benefit from timely and effective interventions and deepened insight into their learning needs, improving their educational outcomes. 

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