Spelling Tutor improves spelling by an average of 10½ months in 1 term

Phonics is great for reading, but not for spelling. In order to be able to spell correctly you need to memorise how to spell every word. Phonics can’t help you decide if sheep should be spelled - sheep or sheap.

Traditional spelling methods, such as learn 10 words a week, don’t always work.  Pupils learn spellings for a test, but continue to make mistakes in their written work.

Spelling Tutor is different.  It uses a personalised, structured and multisensory approach to spelling.  Combining listening, writing, reading and speaking, it transfers spellings from short-term to long-term memory.

Children mark their own work, taking responsibility for their learning.  Spelling Tutor is designed around spaced repetition, remembers the words the child spelled incorrectly and repeats them at ever-increasing intervals.

It teaches the 1,000 most common words in the English Language and all the words in the national curriculum.  It also contains lessons on homophones, suffixes and apostrophes.

Spelling Tutor is suitable for all ages.  Our research demonstrates progress with Primary and Secondary school pupils.  Children made 10½ months progress in a single term.

The children that have used Spelling Tutor have absolutely loved it! We’ve found it particularly useful for our older children that have done all our other interventions to death.
- Lesley Humphries, ASL Teacher, Ratho Primary School

To find out how your pupils can become confident spellers, visit us at stand 54 at the Tes SEN Show.  You’ll be able to try Spelling Tutor along with our other programs. Register now!

Dyslexia Gold has 3 programs designed to help struggling readers and children with dyslexia learn to read and spell.  Each program takes just 10 minutes a day.  For further information, please visit www.dyslexiagold.co.uk us on 01895 546 254.