Wordshark Online has arrived!

Source: Wordshark

04 September 2019

Your students will be able to learn their spellings and develop their reading skills from home as well as at school, and for the first time, they will be able to use the program on most smaller devices such as iPads and Chromebooks. The new program includes a placement test called ‘Shark Challenge’ and an automatic progression mode called ‘Supershark’.

Wordshark has been re-written to go online, but continues with a proven games-based approach, with structured learning and with the many other features that have made Wordshark a popular choice over the past 20+ years, especially for students with SEND.

Wordshark and Numbershark v5 (offline products) will continue to be available.

In other news, in the Spring of this year, our website has been updated. We have been busy putting up blogs that will hopefully help and inspire both teachers and parents. wordshark.co.uk

5 reasons to visit the Wordshark stand (229):
  • Take a look at the new ‘Wordshark Online’ and sign up for a free trial! (currently available as a UK school or tutor licence)
  • Celebrate the arrival of the new Wordshark, and take away a giveaway – while stocks last!
  • Come and tell us what you think about the new website – if you find a type-o, tell ‘Helen’ on the stand and she will give you a prize!
  • Take a look at the offline (version 5) products if you prefer these
  • Rest your feet at our stand by taking a seat in our shark armchairs – we won’t pester you!