Wordshark, the trusted, adaptable resource for reading & spelling gets a re-write and is going online!

Wordshark is a powerful, highly adaptable tool for reading and spelling. For ages 5 to 15, it works across all abilities but is particularly well used with children that have Dyslexia, SEN & EAL.

For 2018, the winning formula offered by the current versions of Wordshark and Numbershark (v5) will be available to try and to purchase. All school licences allow unlimited student users and are at one-off prices, providing an excellent investment.

In addition, Wordshark is being re-written and will be going online! There will be information on stand 229 about a new product ‘Wordshark Online’, for release in early 2019.  Not only will it include the best bits that teachers love most about Wordshark but will also include new features to help meet some of the challenges that teachers are facing, including:

  • Having to identify & adjust to a wide range of abilities and needs
  • Limited time
  • Continually required to show progress and deliver results
  • As always, wanting to help each child reach their greatest potential

Key Benefits of Wordshark Online:

  • Web-based solution accessible 24/7, with homework set at individual or group level - improving the school - home link
  • Diagnostic test ‘Wordshark Challenge’ - saves time & effort by placing students at the appropriate starting level
  • ‘Shark Auto’ Mode - closes the gap for struggling learners whilst stretching the high achievers
  • Automated messaging - keeps teachers informed on how their students are progressing
  • Tools to help diagnose the word/letter patterns students find troublesome - alerting teachers to students that are struggling and need extra support
  • Scoring system that rewards improvement, plus first-time accuracy - providing an accurate & reliable reflection of the impact
  • More than 40 engaging reading & spelling games - providing variety and motivation
  • 10,000 words including those based on National Curriculum, Alpha to Omega etc - content for whole school use
  • Facility to add word lists & courses - to play phonics, reading & spelling games against  
  • Easily-managed student accounts - making it easy to view & monitor progress
  • Adjusts to individual learning & access needs through the choice of courses, options, settings etc. - tailoring to every child’s needs
  • Reward program & games - incentivising & sustaining effort
  • Adaptable platform - to fit in with any preferred teaching method or scheme


Stand 229 is easy to find: grab your show bag, enter the show, go up the stairs and turn right! Register now to join Wordshark at the show.

For questions prior to the show, email enquiries@wordshark.co.uk or call 0208 748 5927

For information on the current programs, Wordshark & Numbershark (v5): www.wordshark.co.uk