15 companies supporting autistic children and young learners


For World Autism Awareness Week on 30th March - 3rd April, we've pulled together 15 inspiring charities, resource suppliers and service providers with a focus on supporting autistic children and young learners.

Autism Education Trust
With support from the Department for Education, Autism Education Trust are the leading national programme promoting best autism practice in educational settings for children and young people aged 0-25 years. Their programmes, resources and training have been created in consultation with leading autism experts, practitioners, parents and autistic people, to ensure that autistic children and young people receive an education that enables them to fulfil their aspirations.

Autism Eye
Autism Eye offers essential reading for anyone working with or living with individuals on the autism spectrum. Their award-winning quarterly magazine and monthly e-newsletter covers topics including education, therapies, resources, legal issues, books and much more.

B Squared Ltd
B Squared Ltd’s Autism Progress profiling tool has been created to give education and care professionals a universal language to describe, discuss and address the unique challenges faced by individuals with autism. This new profiling tool is designed for use across a wide range of settings and disciplines. It has been developed by the assessment specialists B Squared, in collaboration with experts from three leading charities. The tool focuses on a set of progressive levels in communication, flexibility of thought, social interaction and emotional regulation.

BeyondAutism is a charity dedicated to empowering people with autism to lead fuller lives through positive educational experiences, training for the people who work with them and support for their families and carers. They’re experts in educating children and young people with autism, applying the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behaviour (VB) to teach students and arm them with the life skills they need to live as independent a life as possible.

Centre for Child Mental Health
The Centre for Child Mental Health offers vital CPD and training needs for all child professionals on child and adolescent mental health and child trauma, including one-day conferences, skills-based training and part-time accredited courses. They also run specific conferences on working effectively with children on all key areas of child mental health, including autism spectrum.

Hinton House Publishers Ltd
Hinton House publishes books and resources for education, special needs, therapy and social care, designed to promote social and emotional health and well-being. They are specialists in supplying resources for a range of needs, including autism spectrum disorders. These resources can be used with children, teenagers and young adults, in mainstream, SEN and therapeutic settings. Great care is taken over the quality of content and design, ensuring to meet the requirements of professionals and young people alike.

Home From Home Care
Created by parents to make a difference, Home From Home Care provides a range of specialist needs-led services for adults (18+) with learning disabilities and complex support needs, including autism. They provide a totally personalised and comprehensive care and support service around each individual, matching staff to the individual’s evolving needs and aspirations, to ensure that they live an ordinary life.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Jessica Kingsley Publishers was founded in 1987 and is committed to publishing books that make a difference for professionals and general readers in a range of subjects. They are well known for their long-established lists on special educational needs, autism, social work, mental health and arts therapies, and have a range of graphic novels across these subject areas.

LGfL is a charitable trust and community of schools and local authorities committed to using technology to enhance teaching and learning. 96% of London schools receive their internet access and additional services through LGfL, and have access to a huge range of inclusive, online learning resources at no further cost. TRUSTnet provides a similar service to schools outside London. Their SEND resources include WordQ SpeakQ, a powerful literacy toolbar; 15,000 Widgit symbols and worksheets; the Audio Network music database; the award-winning Fairytales and Early Shakespeare from SEN Assist, Employability by AXIS Education and Busy Things and more.

nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs) is a charity organisation which has been operating for 25 years. They support thousands of education professionals by providing relevant knowledge, training and resources required to enable staff to meet all pupils’ needs and go on to ensure those children and young people reach their full potential. Working with those professionals, nasen aims to ensure that practice for special and additional needs is effective and current.

Safespaces supply attractive, custom made, high and low sensory environments for children with complex needs, including autism, in special & mainstream schools across the UK. A custom made Safespace, takes less than two hours to install and provides an attractive, adaptable, high/low sensory environment which supports learning. The Safespace offers a calm or therapeutic space, where pupils can enjoy sensory equipment, or develop behaviour self-management strategies.

SEN Books
SEN Books is the leading bookshop in UK for CPD books and teaching materials to support professionals working with SEND children. They have over 500 titles covering a range of developmental needs, including autism. SEN Books also publish the Egon Publishers and Hilda King range of copymasters and teaching materials.

Special Direct
Special Direct, as part of the TTS family, is full of exciting and inspiring resources to help children with special needs, with an extensive range of resources to support children covering a range of developmental needs, including autism. They aim to consistently improve their range and have built relationships with SEN professionals so that they can offer resources that are practical, relevant, and useful to the people that matter.

The National Autistic Society
The National Autistic Society is here to transform lives, challenge attitudes and build a society that works for autistic people. They transform lives as a trusted source of practical support and advice for autistic children and adults, as well as their families and carers. They challenge attitudes by campaigning with our local branches and working with businesses and policymakers to change laws and deliver better services. Since 1962, The National Autistic Society has made a lot of progress, but there is much more to do, because the status quo isn’t good enough for autistic people. With your support, we can change it.

West Heath School
West Heath School is an outstanding specialist independent secondary school catering for young people with a diagnosis of high functioning ASD, mental health, emotional, social and communication difficulties. Their weekly residential and day provision has a focus on education but recognizes the importance of personal development. Their boarding village supports independent living and social engagement within our local communities. West Heath also provides training and CPD for professionals that work with young people with Special Educational Needs utilizing their experience and expertise within the field.

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Author: Frances Heaume, Tes SEN Show