18 more sleeps...


Adam Gordon, SEND and Inclusion Manager at LGfL tells us why he is counting down to the Tes SEN Show 2021.

It’s eighteen more sleeps until the TES SEN Show! Ok so it’s not quite up there with Christmas morning but I for one am excited nonetheless. But why? Why should a grown man be counting down the sleeps to an event like this? Well let me tell you why, with a countdown of my top FIVE reasons.

5. I am proud as the head of the IncludED service at LGfL, that we are headline sponsors of the live event for the first time. It was meant to happen last year; but we all know what happened there! We were delighted to sponsor the virtual event in 2020 - and it went incredibly well - but it is hard to replicate the buzz of a live event!

4. A chance to catch up with our amazing partners. We work with some of the very best companies in the world of SEND. Some we work really closely with and others we simply support and promote where we can! Nevertheless in all cases it’s a privilege to do what we can to get amazing tools into the hands of those who most need them. A special shout out to Widgit, Nessy and our “stand neighbours” CENMAC.

3. Checking out companies or products that I’ve not seen before to find out more and hopefully “have a play”. I’m certainly going to be checking out Oxford Virtual Tours and seeing what’s new at TTS Special Direct amongst others.

2. Seeing old friends, ex-colleagues, past learners and parents. One of the best things about the show is how it brings together the community professionally but also personally. We all care so much about SEND and it’s a small world, so the show usually offers a great chance to reconnect with people you may not have seen in a while. It’ll be great to catch up with old teaching colleagues on the Outcomes First Group stand and have my customary catch up with the team at Autism Eye.

1. And last, but by no means least and the reason so many people keep returning to the show year after year, it’s one of the best collections of affordable face to face CPD that can be found anywhere in my humble opinion. I’m always enthralled and inspired by the magnificent Carol Allen & John Galloway’s sessions. They always leave me thinking and full of ideas to go away and try. In fact as I write this and look through the list of sessions I don’t even know where to start. It’s session after session, run by some truly incredible thinkers and speakers. Just go and check it out for yourself!

Author: LGfL