2021 Widgit Symbol Update - more inclusive, more relevant, more symbols


Widgit releases a major symbol update to ensure that the symbols are current, relevant and better represent the culture and technology of the world we live in.

In May 2021, Widgit released a major symbol update to ensure that the symbols were current, relevant and better represented the culture and technology of the world we live in.

Every single symbol in the set was reviewed and redrawn where necessary to ensure that the symbols are consistent, clear and concise, whilst maintaining high and modern design standards.

The new symbol set now contains over 20,000 symbols and has been drawn using the latest best practice and cutting-edge drawing techniques whilst still retaining the integrity of the Widgit schema.

We've made changes to help support more inclusive representation, such as removing unnecessary indications of gender and improving symbol skin tone options.

We've edited thousands of symbols to make them represent modern culture and technology more accurately.

We've added hundreds of new symbols to further encourage communication development and increase user independence.

The feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. Here's what some of them had to say:

'The new symbols look great. I am always trying to ensure the students get meaning instantly from the symbols. These changes will help that further and also they seem much more updated and modern.'
 - Steph Reed, Autism Spectrum Teacher

'Better, definitely better. Clearer, more realistic and more up-to-date.'
 - Justin Drew, Sandwell SLT

'The changes are subtle enough that students who use Widgit Symbols and are familiar with them won't be put out by seeing new or slightly updated versions.'
 - Carly McAdam, Special Ed Teacher and City Kicks Author

'They are good, I like them. They are nice and clear.'
 - Emma Covington, AAC Specialist

Check out the new symbol set for yourself by visiting Widgit on Stand 133 or the Widgit Symbol update page on our website.

Author: Widgit Software