#SENShowSeries: A discussion exploring approaches to supporting SEN children and the current challenges facing schools


In this webinar, Julia Clouter, Head of Education at Scanning Pens, was joined by the SENCOs and support teams of Demonstrator Schools supporting the DfE flagship program to gain an insight into best practice and a tool-box approach to supporting students with additional learning needs.

Watch the on-demand webinar now! Keep reading for five top tips and useful resources from the Demonstrator Schools Program.

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Julia Clouter and Erica Smith's top tips

  1. Educational Technology advice and training is available for schools and colleges across the country for those in need of support. Help can be secured here.

  2. There is a rolling program of Ed Tech training continuing to the end of the Summer term of 2021 You can sign up for free webinars here.

  3. A range of Ed Tech solutions that support literacy are available but it is always important to involve CYP in decision making and exploration of new technology. When focusing on choosing a new technology work through an IEP or Assess, Plan, Do, Review procedure to track how effective the impact and outcomes are.

  4. Training, Training, Training. We often assume that CYP can rapidly grasp the purpose and practice of a new technology quickly. Often this is not the case. SEN learners often need additional time and training even with the practical elements of using a new technology. Many Ed Tech companies support with additional resources and materials to help develop confidence in the use of new tools. These include YouTube videos and implementation guides. Remember to ask for these when exploring new tech.

  5. Demonstrator Schools Archive video can be found here.

Additional resources

  • Register interest in support from a Demonstrator School here.

  • Watch presentations from SEN Tech and SEN Thursdays YouTube channel with Erica Smith and Neil Beck here.

  • Check out the Highfurlong, Hambleton and Ribblesdale YouTube channel which has all their previous webinars on and quick win guides here.

  • Government Guidance on remote teaching and explanatory note.

Scanning Pens

Finding the right reading support can be challenging for those with literacy issues such as dyslexia. The award-winning assistive technology organisation, Scanning Pens, has spent the last 16 years working to break down the barriers around dyslexia and other reading difficulties.  

Our portable scanners use text-to-speech technology with a clear voice to aid weak readers of all ages.  This assistive technology quickly becomes a student’s normal way of working and through independent research, we know students of all ages increase their attainment, reading comprehension and achieve their potential when they feel engaged with their daily goals and tasks. Our range of pen scanners simply remove the reading barriers to support independent literacy skills at school, college, university or the workplace so that learners of any age can succeed.  

Supporting those who struggle with literacy has been a personal mission of ours from the start with our Co-Founder and CEO, Jack Churchill, having dyslexia. Scanning Pens has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and continues to find new ways to support those with reading difficulties. For more information please visit www.scanningpens.co.uk and take a free trial today. Shop reading aids here.

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