Cooking with symbolised recipes from Tom Kerridge’s Get Fit and Lose Weight cookbook


Widgit Software partners with Tom Kerridge and Bloomsbury Absolute to create symbolised recipes.

'This initiative is brilliant and will enable more people with a Learning Disability to cook.'
 - Jackie O'Sullivan, Director of Communication, Advocacy and Activism, Mencap

Sixth form teacher Asa Hancock, from Ganton Special School in Hull, had the idea of symbolising recipes during the first lockdown in March 2020 after he was struck by the lack of symbol-supported recipes from the nation's favourite chefs.

Asa was aware that many of Ganton's students were inspired by the likes of Tom Kerridge, Jamie Oliver and the Hairy Bikers. The students worked hard to reproduce the recipes in the onsite kitchen at Ganton but found it difficult without symbols.

To help, Asa approached Tom Kerridge and Bloomsbury Absolute for permission to use the recipes and Widgit to design the symbolised versions.

Widgit designed the symbolised versions free of charge to help Ganton's students and other pupils with learning difficulties. Tom Jelley, the Symbol and Accessible Information Designer at Widgit, incorporated simplified instructions and symbols into well-designed documents that can be accessed by the students with some adult supervision.

Tom talked about why he was so pleased to be involved: 'Widgit has always striven to support those who find access to text difficult, so we were delighted to be a part of Asa Hancock's project that provides access to healthy eating and cooking for students at Ganton.'

'Asa first approached us with a request to produce a set of symbolised healthy recipes for his students to follow and cook whilst they were at home during lockdown. We are delighted to have worked with him and Bloomsbury to symbolise a series of Tom Kerridge's recipes.'

'We believe that good design and access to text are not mutually exclusive and the opportunity to demonstrate this utilising Tom Kerridge's recipes has been a pleasure.'

There are now a set of 9 recipes, including Chicken Tagine Traybake, Spicy Mexican Bean Burgers and Fudgy Chocolate Brownies available to download for free from

Why not try them out and then come and tell us on Stand 133 which is your favourite?

Author: Widgit Software