Special educational needs home learning resources


In these unprecedented times, exhibitors of the Tes SEN Show have rallied together to provide free or significantly discounted SEN learning resources for parents and education professionals.

*Please note, this article was written in May 2020 and so some offers may have expired*

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, schools throughout the UK have closed. many special schools are operating with a skeleton staff, advised by the government to make case by case assessments of health and safeguarding considerations for pupils with education, health and care plans (EHCP).

These are in no doubt challenging times for schools, education professionals, parents and pupils. In a bid to provide support during these unique circumstances, exhibitors from the Tes SEN Show are offering free or significantly discounted online resources and services.

Ace Music Therapy CIC - Weekly sensory story and music sessions
Amelia Clapham, HCPC registered music therapist and founder of Ace Music Therapy CIC is running weekly sensory story and music sessions. These will involve household objects. First session Tuesday 12th May is free - just like and share the Facebook post for more details, following that sessions will incur a small discounted fee. 

B Squared - Free weekly podcast, The SENDCast
A new way to keep up-to-date with policy changes, best practice and improve your knowledge around SEND. Listen on the website or subscribe, a new episode every Thursday!

BeyondAutism - Free guide on transitioning back to school
Ages: All
Get ready for pupils returning to school with this handy resource which contains information for teachers, parents and pupils as well as a range of visual resources that can be used at home or in school.

Book of Beasties - Free wellness and home learning kits

Book of Beasties is working towards supporting schools and families in lockdown with FREE mental wellness home learning kits. These are focused around a bespoke mental wellness theme (based on current events) but incorporate lesson plans across the curriculum in both home and classroom format.

British Council Connecting Classrooms and Global Learning - Free 'Life Below Water' resources

Ages: Primary, secondary
Enjoy ready-made activities to tackle the global issue of plastic pollution through creativity and critical thinking. Materials can be used either with or without an overseas partner school. Find out more and download resources below.

British Council eTwinning - Free 'Nature is my culture' online learning resource
Ages: EYFS
Keeping a balance between the digital and real world. Online activities are inspired from culture and nature and can be shared with pupils from other European countries within a secured website. Find out more and download resources below.

Cambridge House SEN Resources - 10% off resources
Ages: Primary & Secondary
Check out our Parents Resources section for reading, writing, maths, memory, spelling, comprehension resources and so much more. Use the code TESHLR at checkout for a 10% discount.

Claro Software - Free access to ClaroRead Software
Claro software develops Assistive Technology, software for people with disabilities such as print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, to help them achieve all they can. To help support home learners, Claro Software are offering a number of free-to-access options below.

Clickety Books – Free home resources and 25% discount
Ages: Early Years & Primary
Check out our new FREE Early Soundplay Activity Packs full of resources to support speech, language and early phonics at home.
Enjoy a 25% discount on all products with the code TESHLR.

Commtap - Free use of the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint for six months
Ages: All
The Commtap Symboliser is an easy way to add communication symbols to anything made in PowerPoint. It's super easy to share these symbol resources with parents as they don't need any special software apart from something which can open PowerPoint. Find out more below.

Commtap - Free resources for supporting communication
Ages: All
The Commtap resources website has many ideas for targeting specific language and communication difficulties. The majority of activities do not require any special materials and can easily be adapted for use at home. Free forever. Find out more below.

Crick Software – Free access to Clicker and DocsPlus
Ages: Primary & Secondary
In order to support schools and families during this difficult period, Crick Software is offering free access to their supportive word processors, Clicker and DocsPlus, for 28 days. Clicker and DocsPlus come with access to LearningGrids, a free portal of regularly updated curriculum resources to support writing on a wide variety of topics.

DEKKO Comics Limited - Free online and 20% hardcopy comics
Ages: 9 - 12
Dekko Comics turn educational information into fun, entertaining and engaging comic stories based on the school curriculum. They cover all the school subjects and are particularly helpful for children that learn differently with dyslexia, ADHD, autism.
Read online here: https://dekkocomics.com/issue-list-home
20% off hardcopy with code DEKSC20 here: https://dekkocomics.com/buy/comics

Dynamo Maths – Free 14-day access to Dynamo Intervention
Ages: Primary
Many children come with a low starting point in maths. Dynamo Maths provides essential steps to number and numeracy development. It supports children with developmental dyscalculia and helps children to catch up. Get free 14-day access to the intervention resource for schools and families below.

Dyslexia Gold - Free access to home learning programs

Dyslexia Gold is offering free access to their online programs, Dyslexia Gold, Spelling Tutor and Times Table Tutor. The personalised program moves at the pupil’s pace. There's no competition or league table, no timer and no stress. It works for all children and is particularly suitable for those with SEN.

EasyRead Time Teacher – The simplest time teaching system for children
Teach children how to tell the time using our unique simple steps – endorsed by teachers, used in schools. Their free downloadable resources include an Introduction to Telling the Time, Clocks to colour in and cut out, a Daily Planner and Lesson Plans.

EdPlace - English, Maths, Science and 11+ 
Ages: Year 1 - GCSE
To keep learning on track at home, EdPlace is offering free access to all its online educational resources, which are fully aligned to the National Curriculum, automatically marked, and created by qualified teachers with at least five years’ classroom experience.

Forward with Phonics - 20% off phonics resources with some free
Age: KS2 - adult
Forward with phonics has resources 'Phonics Stories' and 'Resources for Older Learners' available as downloads, along with the Drop-In Series; a set of 54 decodable readers suitable for secondary, adult and ESOL learners. Families and schools can buy these as downloads to print the books or in e-book format for use online.
To claim 20% discount or a FREE story and comprehension sheet, email: franceswoodward@hotmail.co.uk quoting the code CV2020

The Foundation Stage Forum and Tapestry - Free home activities
Ages: EYFS, KS1, KS2
Explore a range of infographics with suggested activities to try at home.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tapestry_fsf/
Twitter -https://twitter.com/MapsCherry#SENDAtHome

The Foundation Stage Forum and Tapestry - Free SEND video consultation
If your child has additional needs and is currently unable to attend school, contact SEND Advisor and Outreach Teacher Stephen Kilgour for a free video consultation for support and advice.

Funky Feet Music - Live free music and movement sessions
Music and movement specialist Kim Pott will be running live music and movement sessions for young children on Funky Feet Music Facebook page live at 10am weekdays. Specially crafted for ‘The playful child who loves to move’ with dough dancing, bottom wiggling, foot-stomping whole lot of fun.

Ginger Tiger - 7 days free trial
Ages: Year 2 - year 8 cognitive level
Ginger Tiger is the largest online activity resource for special needs learners and is 100% accessible through all SEN access devices. Ginger Tiger are offering a 7 day free trial and limited time offer of $8 for one month. Find out more below.

GL Assessment - Free webinars
GL Assessment has produced a series of free webinars on ‘Speech, Language and Communication Needs’ (given by I CAN) and ‘The trend towards place-based change and how schools across Bolton are addressing the language deficit’ (given by Right to Succeed and Whole Education).

GriffinOT - Free daily fine motor activities with Kim
Occupational therapist Kim Griffin, founder of GriffinOT, is releasing daily fine motor activity videos for children to follow along with. Videos include drawing, cutting and craft activities. You can catch up on the videos on the GriffinOT website, or on their Facebook Page (@GriffinSensoryOT) or YouTube channel. Subscribe or like to receive a notification when new videos are released.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GriffinSensoryOT/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDF9vM1Qdz5CKKl9y_c2bw/

GriffinOT - Free level 1 sensory processing course with GriffinOT

The GriffinOT sensory course explores the basics of sensory processing disorder and sensory integration. It is designed for teachers, parents and professionals who want a brief introduction to sensory processing disorder. At the end, we hope that you will understand the different types of sensory issues. We briefly explore different models of sensory processing disorder and sensory integration. You’ll also learn all about the eight senses, rather than the five you might have been told about at school.  

Hokki Dynamic Sitting – 10% Discount with e-mail orders mentioning TES SEN (phil@healthy-homeoffice.com)
Ages: All
The exciting Hokki stool introduces dynamic movement within a stool, For use in schools, offices or at home. Its convex base encourages the body to move, leading to healthier sitting, and natural fidgeting, durable, light, available in 5 heights and 10 colours with height-adjustable options, optional vinyl black cushion top.

I CAN – Free Digital Resources and SLT Enquiry Service for Parents and Practitioners
Ages: Early Years through to Secondary
Take a look at I CAN's resource base with resources for parents during this time. The resource base page also links through to I CAN's Enquiry Service for parents and practitioners worried about a child’s talking, and links through to their Talking Point website for resources about EAL, a progress checker survey, and more. You can also take a look at I CAN's shop to see reasonably priced parent resources for activities that support speech, language and communication development.

Independent and Work Ready CIC
Ages: 16+
Browse the Independent and Work Ready website for a multitude of resources for adult life with a disability, helpfully collated into themed categories. The site includes educational resources like English/Maths websites/activities. Plus, you'll find many resources related to employment, health and independence as well as creative activities.  

Jessica Kingsley Publishers – 20% off home learning resources + freebies
Ages: 5-18
JKP is offering discounts on activity books for kids with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and more as well as resources to help them with wellbeing.
Make sure you look at the free resources available from our authors on our JKP library too to help you support kids at home. 

KAZ Type - Half price typing software

Ages: Primary - Secondary
In an effort to support schools during this turbulent period, KAZ Type, the only typing software listed on BESA’s LendED site, have halved the price of all their school online licences. Use code: KAZC19 at checkout.

Kinteract - Free access to new Kinteract customers until the end of the current school year

Ages: All
Track what's relevant for your SEN students: Kinteract is fully flexible and customisable, meaning you can upload a curriculum that’s personalised to each student, and track those all-important non-curricula moments.  Any curriculum, any age - regardless of their needs.

Lyfta - Free training and access to storyworlds
Lyfta’s powerful interactive 360° storyworlds give children access to inspiring human stories from around the world. Ideal for teaching global citizenship, PSHE, geography, literacy and art as well as fostering values and skills like empathy, resilience and critical thinking. Free CPD and access for state-funded schools in England and Scotland.

Mighty Writer - 20% off literacy resources
Ages: KS1 up to Y6
Mighty Writer won the Education Resources Awards for the best primary resource in the country. It is a tactile mat system that engages and transforms all children’s literacy almost overnight, guaranteed! SENCo’s call it “genius”. Get 20% discount with code HOM2020.

nasen - Free 'Focus on SEND' training
Ages: 0-25
Focus on SEND is a free course for practitioners working across the 0-25 years age range. It helps to develop high-quality practise in order to better meet the needs of SEND pupils. With approximately 9 hours of CPD, its perfect for remote working.

nasen - Free mini guides
Ages: 0 - 25
nasen mini guides are available on a range of topics within the sector and span across the 0-25 age range. All mini-guides are free to download using the link below.

nasen - Free online resources
Ages: 0 - 25
nasen’s bank of online resources offer a more flexible way of learning and are developed by their in-house education experts. There is a host of documents available, including podcasts and case studies.

nasen - Free webcasts
Ages: 0 - 25
nasen have produced webcasts to help busy education professionals to understand all aspects of effective practice in SEND. They are perfect for working remotely.

The National Deaf Children's Society - Free information for families, deaf young people and professionals

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) will have a significant impact on deaf children and their families in the coming months. We have put together information, advice and resources for families, deaf young people and the professionals who support them.
Families: www.ndcs.org.uk/blog/coronavirus-and-support-for-deaf-children-information-for-families/
Deaf young people: www.buzz.org.uk/coronavirus-information-for-young-people/
Professionals: www.ndcs.org.uk/blog/coronavirus-and-support-for-deaf-children-information-for-professionals

Ollie and his Superpowers - 10% off Ollie in the Classroom
Ollie and his Superpowers are offering 10% off classroom-based teacher training and inset days. These can be arranged with parallel parent training, so all adults have the same message as taught to their child, and a brief overview of 'How to speak Ollie' with an option to upgrade to Ollie@Home.

Ollie and his Superpowers - 10% off Ollie's emotional resilience coaching online course
Learn to manage any difficult emotion such as anxiety, anger and sadness on Ollie's emotional resilience course. Ali will show you the Ollie Model, teaching techniques to support you and your children in situations that you might experience or feel through lockdown.

New Parent Portal from Speechlink Multimedia Ltd - Free speech and language resources for parents 

Ages: Yr R/P1 - KS3
Speech and language work doesn't have to stop because your child's school is closed. Featuring materials selected from Speechlink Multimedia Ltd's award-winning support packages, Speech Link and Language Link used in over 4,000 schools, the brand-new Parent Portal is full of advice, downloadable resources, online games and activities for parents to use with their children at home. Schools please share with your parents and add to your school's online home learning resources.

Pearson - Free digital resources
Ages: Primary, secondary and revision 
Even though learning for the majority can’t continue in the classroom or in person, Pearson are working hard to ensure schools have the resources and tools they need to deliver lessons online and to support their students’ learning from home. This includes free access to primary, secondary and revision digital resources for allocating to students; tools, training and tips on distance learning, support for parents at home; mindfulness webinars and more.

PECS UK - Free home learning activities, lesson plans and downloads
PECS UK is committed to providing free resources to families and those supporting them to make your time at home a little easier and to encourage learning opportunities. Their Support at Home page is full of activities, lesson plans and free downloads, which are updated frequently, so please check it again soon!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PECSUK/

Phonics Books - Free ebooks with activity sheets
Phonic Books have created free ebooks with activity sheets for parents and teachers to use online or print off.

PIVATS PSED - Introductory price for PIVATS PSED Toolkit
Flexible and time-saving, the toolkit supplements the widely acclaimed PIVATS PSED milestones providing information cards and editable resources assisting practitioners with assessment and planning for learning in personal, social and emotional development.
For further information including details of an introductory price please contact ADV.pivats@lancashire.gov.uk or via (01772) 531555.

Rhyming Multisensory Stories - Fully resourced, step by step, multisensory stories and poems
Storytelling through the senses. Free, fully resourced, step by step rhyming multisensory stories aimed at connecting individuals with SEN (3-19) to literacy and culture in a way that is meaningful to their lives. Stories include themed sensory extension activities, SALT visuals, ideas, strategies, and inspiration!

Scanning Pens - Free trial of the ReaderPen
Ages: Primary - further education
Empower home learners by using the ReaderPen to assist with reading and literacy. Scanning Pens, the award-winning pen scanner company, is offering free trials to parents and schools.

Scribeasy - 25% off Creative Writing Platform yearly and monthly plans and free 'Write a Fantasy' activity book
Scribeasy's packed with smart and creative learning tools, such as interactive spelling-picture making, thesaurus, story playback, dyslexia font and writing settings. It inspires students of all abilities to stretch their imagination, unlock thoughts and feelings, and achieve their best story.

SEN Magazine - free online issue 106
SEN Magazine goes ONLINE FREE during lockdown! In this issue: SEN under lockdown; Maths anxiety; Autism (compensatory strategies); Dyslexia; Tourette’s; Accessible sport; Developmental Language Disorder (DLD); Living with severe learning disability; Book reviews; SEN Resources and more.

SHAPE CODINGTM app - 80% off
Ages: primary-secondary
The SHAPE CODINGTM system helps children with language disorders increase the length and complexity of sentences they can understand and use and improve their sentence production accuracy. This flexible app supports the construction of a range of sentence types and tenses.

Smartbox - Free Virtual Visits
Ages: All
Virtual Visits offer you a way to trial Smartbox technology at home. Start by talking to a member of the team, and they’ll arrange a suitable trial device to be sent to your home. Smartbox will then arrange a virtual demonstration and you’ll be able to keep the device for a week.

Smartbox - Free Grid software trial
Ages: All
Try our AAC software for free on Windows or iPad. Our Grid software is used by people with disabilities from all over the world. You’ll get instant access to a range of resources for communicating with symbols or text, and content for different ages and levels of literacy.

Smartbox - Simple AAC 
Ages: Early symbol ACC users
Simple AAC brings together all the key ideas about how we can help support early AAC learners to develop their communication skills. Each letter of Simple AAC represents a different strategy, from modelling and making it interesting, to thinking about the different ways we can respond to AAC users.

Tiimo - Free web calendar
The free Tiimo web calendar helps families create homeschool routines that actually work. Our digital support tool was designed for people with ADHD and/or autism to provide structure and visual support. Plan a weekly schedule full of visual activities below.

TLC Live - Free one hour trial
Ages: 6 - 16 (GCSE)
TLC live offers online 1-2-1 live tuition with a fully qualified teacher, subjects include English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and EAL up to GCSE level. For a free 1 hour trial, please email sales@tlclive.com and one of our representatives will be in touch.

TTS Ltd - Free downloadable activity books 
Ages: EYFS - KS2
Resources supplier TTS Ltd are supporting the continuation of learning with FREE downloadable activity books. The curriculum-focused books encourage independent learning and offer over 40 home learning activities for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

UCL Centre for Inclusive Education - Free resources to support families homeschooling children with SEND
Ages: All
Updated weekly, we focus on Autism, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Speech, Language and Communication plus links to support real-life learning and special interests.

Widgit Software - Free access to Widgit online
Ages: All
Widgit Software is offering free and unrestricted access to Widgit Online and it’s ready-made materials for 30 days, allowing you to create simple, supported resources in your web browser. Find out how you can create visual timetables, communication books, EAL materials and more below.

Yap Books - Free access to the Yap Books app
Ages: EYFS - primary
Yap Books is a multi-award-winning children's learning app that allows readers to bring stories to life with their voice. Using voice-tech the app listens and assesses reading skills whilst children enjoy fully animated stories. The app is free for all schools/parents during the school lockdown.
Parents: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/QDXV7KZ
Teachers: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WZRRFQZ
Website: https://yapbooks.com/

Young Enterprise - Free Spending Sense resource
Ages: Secondary
Young Enterprise have created a flexible resource, inclusive of editable activity sheets that can be completed digitally by secondary students, with mild to moderate special educational needs. This resource aims to develop their understanding of making financial decisions, online safety and the world of work. 

If you think you have an online resource, guidance or service which could assist schools, teachers and parents during this time and would like to be featured in this article, please contact Frances Heaume on frances.heaume@markallengroup.com

Author: Frances Heaume, Tes SEN Show