#SENShowSeries: How to be resilient and how to teach resilience


Next up, Ali Knowles, director, author and creator of the Ollie Method, shares how you can use the Ollie Method to promote resilience within yourself and in your classroom in this free webinar.

The SEN Show Series brings together industry experts covering a range of topics to help prepare attendees for the return to school in the 'new normal'.

In these difficult times, the Ollie Methodology shows children, parents and teachers how to use their Super Powers or parts not only to control their emotions but also find solutions to their issues. In this free webinar, Ali Knowles shares how this simple but highly effective model empowers the user to find a resolution within as we all have the answers, we just need tools to find how to access them.

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Ali Knowles' top tips

  1. Find an Ollie Coach near you here.
  2. Download free workbooks to support parents and children.
  3. Access YouTube videos with simple techniques that can be used by children and adults.
  4. Arrange for Ali to do a school assembly.
  5. Book teacher/staff training.

Useful links

  • www.ollieandhissuperpowers.com At Ollie, one of the core beliefs is that everybody has all the resources they need inside deal with whatever life throws at them.  Sometimes you need someone like an Ollie Coach to show you how.  At Ollie, we are all about keeping it simple, giving you back control of your emotions rather than have them control you.  By teaching children how to manage their behaviours, by learning how to be the Captain of their ships, their ships that are crewed by their emotions.  Working 1-2-1 with young and old, with families, in schools, with foster and adoption, Ollie Coaches can help you truly be the very best version of you.
  • Ollie and his Super Powers Emotional Resilience online course: Join Ali as she introduces you to the Ollie Model and how it can help you to control your emotions rather than be controlled by them.
  • Ollie in the Classroom is a programme of assemblies, and lesson plans with resources, developed by teaching professionals who have trained to be Ollie Coaches and who are using the Ollie Model within their own schools and classrooms.
  • Get in touch with Ali to find out more about Ollie and his Super Powers here: info@ollieandhissuperpowers.com

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