#SENShowSeries: Preparing children and young people to return to school – making the transition


SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate Jane Friswell takes us through her top tips for preparing children and young people for the return to school.

In this webinar, Jane shares her top 5 points to consider in planning your return to school, ensuring that we apply the principles of keeping our plans person–centred, managing our expectations of both ourselves and our schools, managing the unintended consequences of change, establishing routines which work under the current circumstances and being mindful of our emotional well-being during the transition.

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Jane's top tips

  1. Share with colleagues and parents/carers and students.
  2. Ensure that good practice tips for effective transition remains high on whole school agenda.
  3. Ensure that planning for transition remains on the SLT radar for the next term as some of young people will need a term to resettle and re-establish themselves back into school.
  4. Talk and engage with pupils and student and request their feedback on how their transition is going and what else can school provide to support them.
  5. Celebrate your successes in managing effective transition with your network and with Tes SEN Team.

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