#SENShowSeries: Preparing for September - a SENCO’s guide


Lorraine Petersen OBE kicks off the SEN Show Series with 'Preparing for September - a SENCO's guide'. Watch on-demand now!

The SEN Show Series brings together industry experts covering a range of topics to help prepare attendees for the return to school in the 'new normal'. During this free-to-attend webinar, Educational Consultant Lorraine Petersen discussed how SENCOs can prepare for the new academic year given the current COVID-19 restrictions. Attendees gained an overview of the current Government guidelines that impact on SEND students as well as covering curriculum, mental health and well-being and supporting new students who are starting at your school.

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Lorraine Petersen's top tips

  1. Read the Recovery Curriculum from Prof. Barry Carpenter and Matt Carpenter here - Think about how this could be implemented in your school.
  2. Read the latest document from Whole School SEND – Effective SENCO Deployment – A Guide for the SENCOs and their line Managers here.
  3. Ensure that all records and information about SEND pupils are up to date and passed on to the next teacher/school.
  4. Plan provision for September to ensure that all pupils with an EHCP receive all that they should and all your SEN Support pupils are receiving additional and/or different provision.
  5. Read the latest mini-guide from nasen on Understanding Inclusion – Is there anything that you can do to develop inclusion in your setting?

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Additional questions

As we didn't have time to cover all the audience questions during the webinar, you can find Lorraine's answers to the additional questions below.

My local authority has prioritised EHCP pupils over those with SEN Support. Have any authorities asked schools for information on pupils on SEN Support?
I am not aware of any local authority who has asked for information about how the school is supporting SEN Support but I think they may be asking soon. The Government is chasing them for provision for EHCP pupils and I think they will want to know how schools are providing the additional and different for SEN Support. Also, although Ofsted has said they will not inspect anything that has taken place during lockdown, if they find that schools were not engaging with these pupils and offering them support and their regression has been significant then they also might ask questions.

How do you stop your register from being swamped, as so many students returning will possibly struggle with SEMH needs? We may not be able to support everyone in the first instance.
That is why it needs to be a whole school response - forget curriculum as we know it and concentrate on mental health and wellbeing, then you can assess who is ready to learn and who needs additional support. You may find that some of your SEN support pupils have done really well at home. It might be that all pupils need something additional and different in the first instance, therefore it becomes part of quality first teaching - hope that makes sense!

Would there be any extra help for students who show signs of developmental regression in school?
At this moment in time, we do not know. There has been lots of talk about summer catch-up programmes for those most at risk of falling behind - but no details. Heads and unions have been saying that instead of doing this just put additional funding into schools from September (Similar to Pupil Premium) and schools will provide what is needed. Without being too political they are making it up as we go along, hence the u-turn this morning of FSM during the summer.

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