#SENShowSeries: Rethinking technology in the classroom


Taking us back to ancient Italy, John Galloway uses everyday technology to show how you can create rich learning experiences for pupils.

As we've been living through a period unlike any before, teachers and pupils have had to adapt dramatically to significant changes, some which may be long-lasting. Advisory teacher for ICT, SEN and inclusion John Galloway sees this as an opportunity to establish different ways of teaching and learning, with the balance of time-shifting towards more out-of-school learning.

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John's top tips

  1. Make it personal – try to let pupils feel you are connecting with them as an individual.
  2. Give varied ways for learners to show what they know.
  3. Use good quality online resources, such as the BBC.
  4. Take advantage of offers from tech companies to use resources for free.
  5. See this as an opportunity for innovation.

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Author: Tes SEN Show Webinars for the SEN Show Series