#SENShowSeries: Supporting the effects of loss and trauma for children and young people with SEND


In this free webinar, SEBDA affiliate tutor Juliet Taylor considers why and how emotions resulting from loss and trauma occur, recognising that pupils’ life experiences (and ‘attachment’) impact their responses and focuses on describing possible approaches and hands-on support strategies.

Watch the on-demand webinar now! Keep reading for five top tips and useful resources from the Demonstrator Schools Program.

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Juliet's top tips:

1. Share a few practical tips:
  • Be aware that response to loss/trauma is a process, rather than ‘a state’; individual emotional responses vary in order, intensity and length.

  • Support outbursts caused by shock, denial and anger, through validation, (naming it), changing physiology (relaxation), distraction (to prevent obsessional thinking) or providing structure (predictability, but with flexibility). 

  • Be honest if the CYP engages with bargaining, ensure our negotiation is non-judgemental and cheerful; any promise we make should be realistic and achievable.

  • Accept and validate (name it) to empathetically support depression, alongside acts of care. Verbal/practical help includes letting the CYP know they cannot get well alone, they need people, and list who is in ‘their team’.
  • Engage with the CYP during periods of calm and acceptance as opportunities for learning and challenge. Participation can be encouraged, and emotional responses talked about during this time.
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