Effective use of technology and tablets to improve access to the curriculum for children and young people with SEND

09 October 2020 11:00 - 12:00

Tablet technology is becoming ever more prevalent in primary education, but within excess of one million apps now available in the App Store, it can be hard to know which apps are the best to use. This session showcases a range of tried and tested apps that can have an immediate impact in the classroom and help ALL pupils to access the curriculum. The session will also look at tools and settings available on tablets to improve curriculum access.

Key stages 1-2
Level 1

Early bird rate: £16 (+VAT) until Friday 30th October 2020 / Full rate: £19 (+VAT)

Martin Bailey, Director / Digital Enrichment Leader / Lecturer, Animate 2 Educate Ltd / Lanchester EP Primary School / Durham University