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Scanning pens

Scanning Pens Ltd is the global distributor for the C-Pen. As a leading Assistive Technology supplier, we combine our expert knowledge with years of experience in the dyslexia field to develop solutions for many educational institutions helping students with reading difficulties such as dyslexia, visual impairment, physical disabilities and much more. The ReaderPen and ExamReader by C-Pen are the perfect solution for reading difficulties in the classroom and outside of it. The pens enhance the learning experience for many children who struggle to get the most of their education because of the barriers they face from their disability. As well as promoting independent reading, the:

  • Pens support tens of thousands of students daily to success
  • ExamReader Pen is allowed in SATS, GCSE’s & A-Level’s
  • Technology saves schools both time and money
  • Pens create independent learning and reading strategies





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Nessy is an online learning platform for reading, writing, typing and assessment. The Nessy approach uses unique videos to teach learning strategies, then motivates practice with games. Algorithms guide each individual onto the most effective path to success. Student activity is reported to the teacher so they can easily monitor progress. The Nessy programmes have been in development for 40 years, created by specialist educators at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre. Nessy is ideal for those with reading differences such as dyslexia, but works for all children including those learning English as a second language.